You don’t have to think about the work of PWS&D every day, but you can if you want to!

You can make a difference by including Mission Moments in your church’s announcement reel every Sunday.

What would happen if you requested to lead small group one week? Use PWS&D resources to teach about food security, human rights or Jesus’ ministry to the oppressed.

On Tuesdays, keep an eye out on the PWS&D Champions’ Corner Facebook group where you can learn the background stories for PWS&D’s #TuesdayPrayer requests and praise reports.

The first Wednesday of each month, join with other Champions in Champions Pray: an intentional time of bringing the work of PWS&D and the people benefitting from the projects we support to God in prayer.

Do you have choir practice tonight? Suggest learning a new song—one that speaks to generosity or caring for others.

Perhaps the youth or children in your congregation have events on Friday evenings. Take a cue from the young people at West Flamborough Presbyterian Church in Dundas, Ont., who prepared a play about a community well to perform for their congregation. Just like this group, who collected over $250 to help vulnerable families in Guatemala improve their farming skills and meet their food needs, you can encourage the youth in your community to put their acting skills to meaningful use!

Saturdays are perfect for taking it easy. As you rest on the couch, say a prayer for refugees who continue to be displaced from their homes in earth-shattering numbers. Read about two refugees from Yemen who continue to seek shelter.

Curious about being a Champion? Visit!