Evidence of Cyclone Idai’s deadly winds and torrential rains can be seen throughout the community of Inhamizua in Mozambique. Fallen trees, roofless homes and impassable roads are a testament to the power of the storm that tore through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi six months ago.

José lives in Inhamizua with his two nephews. He has trouble with his vision and depends on their support.

Jose rode out Cyclone Idai in his house as the roof threatened to blow off, flood waters rose inside, and trees fell outside. Credit: Simon Chambers/ACT Alliance

José was away from home when he heard that a powerful cyclone was headed towards his community. He hurried back to get to his nephews and arrived just as dark skies gave way to the massive downpour.

The storm worsened throughout the night. José put stones on the roof to try to stop it from blowing away, but it was still heavily damaged. Desperation set in as José thought about all that he would lose.

After the cyclone, so many trees were uprooted that José had trouble finding his own house after venturing out one day—the storm had mangled his beloved home and community beyond recognition.

José’s neighbours lost everything as well. Those who managed to salvage some food and other essential items shared what they could spare.

But José knew the rations wouldn’t last long. He agonized over what the coming weeks would bring. Support from PWS&D was his release.

Jose removes a tree that fell onto his property due to Idai’s strong winds. Credit: Simon Chambers/ACT Alliance.

Distributions of food aid—packages of beans, oil, sugar, salt and rice—as well as soap and water purification tablets reached José, his nephews and others in his community through a PWS&D response in collaboration with members of the ACT Alliance.

Through the ACT Alliance, PWS&D is also supporting the delivery of shelter supplies and psychosocial and livelihoods support to families in cyclone-affected zones of Mozambique.

Now able to meet his food needs, José is focused on getting supplies to rebuild his home. Day by day, his community is healing and returning to the place he calls home.

Banner photo: Downed trees like this one being removed by Jose wreaked havoc with roads and communities throughout cyclone-affected areas in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Credit: Simon Chambers/ACT Alliance