Whether you’ve got one minute, five minutes, or a whole evening, you can use any amount of time to Champion for Change.

1 Minute

Pray for this week’s Mission Moment or the #TuesdayPrayer shared by PWS&D on Facebook.


5 Minutes

It only takes five minutes to check out the latest news item on WeRespond.ca!


That Pesky Wait Time

You can tell someone about PWS&D while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or the dentist.


15 Minutes

Fifteen minutes is the perfect amount of time to write a card encouraging the Champion in a nearby church. They don’t have one? Contact the administrator or minister to ask for the name of someone you can share your experiences with.


45 Minutes

Start to plan your church’s PWS&D service. Resources are available at WeRespond.ca/annual-resources.


A Free Evening

It’s time for a night in! Invite your neighbour over to bake some goodies, which you can sell at church on Sunday in support of PWS&D!


Learn more at WeRespond.ca/be-a-champion!