Michael Kelly Cavan performs at Knox Preston’s Taste of Tartan fundraiser.

Connecting your community with the work of PWS&D doesn’t always have to look the same—it can be a smelly affair, or one that makes your taste buds water. Which sense will you explore in your next event?


Help raise awareness of the work of PWS&D by creating a gallery of images in your church lobby. If you would like pictures for an event like this, visit WeRespond.ca or contact us.



Many churches have held concerts to raise funds for PWS&D. Not confident of your musical skills? Maybe you can host the choir from a local school and split the proceeds.



Plant a community prayer garden where, as folks take in the wonderful scents of roses and daffodils, they are encouraged to pray for those in poverty and conflict around the world.



What about hosting a bake sale to raise funds for PWS&D? You could even research the local cuisine in countries touched by PWS&D’s work and make a treat from each!



Working with your hands is one of the easiest ways to raise funds for PWS&D! Create a quilting group that sells its finished products in support of PWS&D. Not your style? Start a community volleyball league with part of the registration fees going to PWS&D.


No matter how you prefer to Champion for Change, we’re happy to have you! Become a PWS&D Champion today!