There are many different ways to promote and encourage support for PWS&D projects that are helping create positive change in vulnerable communities overseas.

Check out these five things from your shed or garage that you can use to shed light on PWS&D!

1. A bucket

Called to respond to those trapped in cycles of hunger, displacement and distress in South Sudan, members of St. Columba Presbyterian Church in Belleville, Ont., had a great idea: to use buckets to raise funds for the improvement of water, sanitation and hygiene in conflict regions. During Advent, children and their families from the congregation put a coin in a bucket each time they used clean water—either to brush their teeth or wash dishes. By Christmas, members of the congregation had filled their buckets, raising a total of $2,288 for PWS&D.

Have an old bucket lying around your shed? You can use it to raise funds for PWS&D, too!

2. A garbage bag

The youth at Grace Presbyterian Church in Calgary, Alta. understood that a few garbage bags and a team effort could better the health of their local community and support the well-being of their global community. Members of the congregation donated to PWS&D in support of the teens’ efforts to pick up litter, rake and sweep around the church’s property. The group collected five large bags of garbage and $932 for PWS&D.

This spring, gather a group and a handful of garbage bags to do the same!

3. A shovel and some seeds

PWS&D and Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) respond together to the immediate and long-term food needs of people in developing countries affected by natural disasters, conflict and changing weather patterns.

Community growing projects are a great way to get involved with CFGB. Volunteers come together to farm a common plot of land, with the proceeds from the harvest sale donated for overseas food aid and agricultural development. There are over 250 of these projects across Canada.

Visit to learn how you can “dig in” to this exciting opportunity!

Photo: Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Tri County Growing Project 2011

4. Whatever’s in your recycling bin

Next time you toss something into your recycling bin, think of Ainsley and Karrah! To support PWS&D’s clean water program, these youth from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Salmon Arm, BC collected and recycled used water bottles. They also hosted a booth in the mall where they sold recycled jewelry and offered passersby a drink of cold, clean water. The girls raised $3,900 for PWS&D—enough to dig a well, train a village water committee and purchase three latrines.

Consider how you might be able to use whatever’s in your recycling bin to engage with PWS&D!

5. A bicycle

Each year since 2016 PWS&D supporters, including this Champion Thomas, have raised money for PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health project by walking and riding their bikes in the Ride for Refuge. Over the last three years, PWS&D’s participation in this nation-wide fundraising event has brought in over $36,000 in support of vital health care for moms and babies in Malawi and Afghanistan. On Saturday, October 5, you can join us in making a difference with your bike. Sign up here for this year’s Ride for Refuge!

Do you love talking to people about PWS&D? Do you have a knack for hosting engaging fundraising events? You can become a PWS&D Champion by clicking here!