“You see that I’m just here, and this is what I have left. I don’t know what to do.”

These are the desperate words of Amelia Tausene, 35, who lives with her three children Noel, 12, Gustavo, 7, and Luis, 2, in Buzi District, Mozambique. They are among the 1.5 million living in Mozambique whose lives were turned upside down when Cyclone Idai pummelled the country.

After the cyclone came through Amelia’s community, water levels rose rapidly, and Amelia and her children had to seek safety on the roof of their home. Stranded, they remained there until a boat came and took them to a temporary shelter.

Most of their home was destroyed by strong winds and rain. Amelia’s maize field—her main source of income—is mostly waterlogged. Now, only a few sodden husks remain. Desperate for food, Amelia and her children have been drying them out to eat.

Amelia shares that they’ve seen floods before, but nothing like this. No storm has taken absolutely everything from her—right down to the seeds she had stored to plant next season.

Noel, 12, looks at his school exercise books that were destroyed by the flood water. Photo: Natalia Jidovanu/Finn Church Aid

Noel and Gustavo have been diligent with their homework, but their schoolbooks are now completely damaged after being soaked by flood waters. Parts of their school were also destroyed, and they don’t know when they will be able to go back.

PWS&D is supporting affected families, like Amelia and her children, as they receive urgently needed assistance in the wake of Cyclone Idai. As a result of relief efforts through the ACT Alliance, families are accessing food, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services, shelter and psychosocial support.

Through membership in Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWS&D will provide emergency food assistance in Malawi—targeting families who lost their food stores and crops. Food distributions, as well as seeds for the next round of crops, will be provided to families in need.

Please Give Today!

Flood waters have begun to recede, but needs are still great. Your gift will be used to provide life-saving assistance.

You can make a donation through your church, mail a cheque to the office, donate online or call 1-800-619-7301 x 291. Please mark donations as “Cyclone Idai.”



Banner photo: Amelia Tausene stands in front of what’s left of her home with her children Luiz, Noel and Gustavo. Credit: Natalia Jidovanu/Finn Church Aid