When women are able to improve their lives, they transfer these improvements to the lives of their children.

In much of the developing world, women spend many hours working in their fields, walking long distances to collect water, preparing food and caring for children. On top of this, they often run small businesses to earn extra income to ensure a brighter future for their children.

Mothers are often the central pillars of their families, and yet as women, they continue to face persistent inequality and injustice and bear the brunt of poverty.

To overcome poverty, women must be empowered. When women are able to improve their lives, they transfer these improvements to the lives of their children, families and communities.

Let’s help lift up mothers in vulnerable situations so that they can lift up those around them.

Mothers Empower Others

Here are four important ways that empowering women overseas makes families, communities and countries more prosperous.

  1. When women are empowered to reach their full potential and access opportunities to earn a livelihood, their families and communities benefit economically.
  2. When women have access health care, including reproductive health services, they can improve their well-being and are more available to take care of their children, go to work and contribute to their communities.
  3. When women are able to advocate for their rights and speak out on important issues, they improve their lives and pave the way for positive change for future generations.
  4. When women have access to important farming resources including land, they can invest time in their farms, grow more food and improve their family’s nutrition and their community’s food security.

What Does PWS&D Do?

Working in Afghanistan, Malawi, Haiti, Guatemala, India and Ghana, PWS&D is providing women and girls with access to education, vocational training, economic opportunities, food security, nutrition and health care, and empowering them to continue advocating for their rights.

What Can You Do?

Help moms make a difference in their child’s life by empowering them to stay healthy, earn a living and advocate for their rights.


[accordion_section title=”Give a gift that will empower and protect mothers!”]

Provide seeds for a family garden plot – $25

Train parents and community leaders in girls’ rights – $25*

Provide health education on malaria, tuberculosis and HIV – $65*

Provide instruction on cooking and nutrition – $85*

Train a woman in advocacy and political participation – $200

Help a vulnerable woman purchase a cow – $650

Donations made to items marked with * receive matching funds from the Government of Canada.



Together, let’s help moms be the best moms they can be!

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