March 22 is World Water Day—it is a day to reflect on the billions of people living without a source of water and focus on the importance of clean water and sanitation for all.

This year’s theme, Leaving No One Behind, asks us to address the reasons why so many people are not included in access to safe, clean water—a basic human right. A lack of infrastructure, poverty and climate change are just a few factors.

Providing Clean Water in Yemen

Ongoing conflict also creates situations where families have to live without a reliable water supply.

Already a water-scarce country, Yemen is in its fourth year of civil war. Bombing campaigns and fighting have impacted the availability of water supplies and caused prices to skyrocket.

A lack of clean water has also led to the world’s worst cholera outbreak.

In response to the crisis, PWS&D is helping to support the rehabilitation of existing water sources, provide solar pumps and train committees to care for rehabilitated water sources.

This support will help build the resilience of impacted communities, prevent the spread of disease and save lives.

Respond With Us

About 24 million people in Yemen are in need of some form humanitarian assistance.

Respond with PWS&D this World Water Day to ensure that citizens caught in this crisis are not left behind from life-giving water and can access other forms of critical aid.



Banner photo: ADRA Canada from “Disaster Response in Yemen”.