Women carry water to their homes in South Sudan. The women obtained water from a well drilled with support from the ACT Alliance. Photo: ACT Alliance/Paul Jeffrey

An unprecedented number of people across the African continent are in need due to natural disaster and violent conflict. While we may not hear about these crises in the media, they are very real for the hundreds of thousands who are affected on a daily basis.

In South Sudan, where ongoing violent conflict has caused widespread trauma and left many without the necessities of life, PWS&D is providing food assistance, as well as support to ensure access to water and sanitation services.

Families who had no choice but to flee their homes and leave their possessions behind in response to violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have received support to ensure food security and livelihoods recovery.

In response to a series of droughts in Somalia, PWS&D is responding to ensure that families facing malnutrition are receiving appropriate therapeutic treatment, as well as the necessary food to meet their immediate needs.

Madina, with her newborn son and daughter, is receiving food aid through a PWS&D-supported project.

Breaking the Cycle of Malnutrition in Somalia

Madina Abdi has been dealing with hunger for a long time. In the Gedo region of Somalia where she lives, consecutive, cyclical droughts have compounded ongoing food insecurity, jeopardizing fragile livelihoods.

Madina helps support her family through a small retail business. She sells vegetables and other food stuffs to support her family.

But the small gains the family was making were threatened when Madina gave birth to twins who were born underweight. Through a PWS&D and Canadian Foodgrains Bank-supported project,* Madina learned how important exclusive breastfeeding is to shield infants from disease and ensure a safe food source—and she’s determined to follow through. Given the precarious food situation in the home, Madina herself is now at risk of malnutrition, which would also negatively impact the babies.

In order to prevent this from happening and to ensure that she can continue to breastfeed, the project is providing a family food basket to Madina, and other mothers in situations like hers.

As a result of the project, at their most recent check-up, Madina’s twins were assessed as healthy and have gained weight. To make sure the positive progress endures, the project team will continue to support her to ensure she is getting the necessary nutrition for both herself and the twins to remain healthy and strong.

In July, PWS&D issued an urgent appeal to respond to these needs. Generous Presbyterian contributions from across the country are already making a difference for families, but more needs to be done.

You can make a donation through your church, by mailing a cheque, donating online or calling 1-800-619-7301 x291. Please mark your donation “Africa Relief.”



*PWS&D is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a coalition of 15 church-based agencies working together with the common goal of eliminating global hunger. This project was undertaken with matching support from the Government of Canada.

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