Presbyterians across Canada are demonstrating God’s love in some of the most vulnerable corners of our global community.

Here are four amazing projects that are having an impact in a world filled with need.

Teen Takes Action to Combat Hunger

Nathan, his teacher Lindsey Wesselink, his brother Triston, Rev Ann Blane and members of Knox served soup in support of PWS&D

Concerned with the number of people facing hunger in his community and across the globe, 13-year-old Nathan Turner asked Knox Presbyterian Church in Bobcaygeon, Ont., to partner with him on an awareness-raising school project. With the help of his classmates, Nathan cooked and served soup at a dinner at the church to bring attention to the plight of hunger. The event brought in over $830 in donations, with half going to the local food bank and the rest towards PWS&D projects improving food security overseas.

Bringing PWS&D Projects to Life

The compassionate Sunday school class at West Flamborough Presbyterian Church in Dundas, Ont., are using their acting skills to create positive global change. The class performed a play set around a community well in Malawi and collected over $250 from the congregation for Farming for the Future, PWS&D’s Sunday School Challenge, which raises funds to help poor families in Guatemala improve their farming skills and meet their food needs.

Caring for Creation in Calgary

Grace’s youth group during a clean-up fundraiser for PWS&D

The youth at Grace Presbyterian Church in Calgary, Alta., are bettering the health of their local community while supporting the well-being of their global community. Members of the congregation donated to PWS&D in support of the teens’ efforts to pick up litter, rake and sweep around the church’s property. The group collected five large bags of garbage and $932 for PWS&D. “We were encouraged by our faith in Christ’s love to share our gifts with the world,” shares Roberto DeSandoli, young adult ministry coordinator at Grace.

Educating for Change in Guatemala

With members of the congregation, the passionate church school students at Knox Presbyterian Church in Woodstock, Ont., raised $1,068 in support of Farming for the Future. The children set up a display table with photos and information about the project that is empowering communities in Guatemala as they improve their food security. Because of their dedication, this group is making a difference in the fight to end hunger.

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