Photo: Paul Jeffrey, ACT Alliance

As we mark the birth of our nation and give thanks for what our country has given us, join with PWS&D in celebration of what Canada gives around the world.

On July 1, we’re recognizing Canada’s contribution to addressing poverty, hunger and inequality in some of the most vulnerable countries around the world.

PWS&D receives support from the Government of Canada for our maternal, newborn and child health project in Afghanistan and Malawi, in addition to Global Affairs Canada funding through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This funding maximizes Presbyterian contributions to programs delivering life-saving health care to mothers and babies and food to hungry people.

Canada also recently increased its foreign aid budget—an additional $2 billion over five years. These funds will make a difference for the poorest and most vulnerable in our global community.

With this support, Canadians can continue showing God’s love beyond our borders and building a more sustainable, compassionate and just world.

Thank you, Canada!

Read more about the Canadian government’s commitment to increase the international assistance budget and base budget for humanitarian assistance.

Celebrate Canada’s contribution to positive global change with a new Canada Day 2018 bulletin insert:

Image of arrow pointing downCanada Day 2018 Bulletin Insert

To request printed copies of the insert, contact Anna Muir at amuir [at] presbyterian [dot] ca or 1-800-619-7301 ext. 293.