Good health and well-being are essential to building prosperous and sustainable communities.

But for many poor women, men and children living in vulnerable communities around the world, care from a medical professional is out of reach—often in terms of both physical distance and expense.

By supporting community health workers in St. Marc, Haiti, we are bringing care to 4,000 children living in poor, remote communities—and it is having a transformative impact.

Mobile Clinics Help Combat Malnutrition

In St. Marc, malnutrition among children under five is a pervasive health concern and leading cause of child mortality.

In Haiti—the poorest country in the western hemisphere—it can be difficult for many mothers and fathers to afford the things their children need, like nutritious food. But without nutrition at critical stages, children can experience wasting, stunting, poor general health and other challenges that will stay with them their whole lives.

With the goal of reaching more children with life-saving food and health care, PWS&D is supporting mobile clinics—a way to bring the health care system to communities and families that can’t afford it.

To establish mobile clinics, community health workers identify areas of need and find a local hub to host the clinic. Workers then identify children who are malnourished and conduct exams and administer vaccines. In some cases, families are given referral support and money to use to visit larger clinics.

In a poor village outside St. Marc, a severely malnourished 16-month-old sits in her grandmother’s lap. As part of the program, she receives home visits from health workers who provide treatment and monitor her condition.

As part of the program, children with severe malnutrition are also given highly nutritious therapeutic food called Nourimanba.

Breast milk also provides young children with nutrients to grow and antibodies to fight infection and disease. So that children have the chance to start life right, the program helps mothers learn best breastfeeding practices through free sessions held in communities.

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Improving nutrition saves lives. Help community health workers in Haiti continue to run mobile clinics and provide the treatment children need to overcome illness and malnutrition. Support this project today!

Banner photo: PWS&D support ensures ready-to-use therapeutic food is available for children with severe acute malnutrition. A baby smiles after being fed Nourimanba.

*This project receives support from Canadian Foodgrains Bank. PWS&D is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end global hunger.