Photo: Paul Jeffrey, ACT Alliance

On Thursday, March 8, communities around the world will observe International Women’s Day to celebrate the achievements of women in their struggle for equality, peace and development. This day also serves as a call to action to continually work for a future filled with hope and opportunity for women and girls.

Gender equality is vital for a more sustainable, compassionate and just world. Through PWS&D, our church is supporting programs overseas that help marginalized women and girls unlock their full potential, achieve economic independence, access necessary health services and advocate for their rights. Empowering and supporting women is vital for challenging poverty, reducing hunger and building healthier societies.

Press for Progress

Photo: CWSA

Press for Progress is the 2018 theme for International Women’s Day.

As we press forward for gender parity in Canada, let us continue working to achieve gender justice throughout the globe.

One woman who has benefited from your support is Beatriz. In Guatemala, Beatriz is taking bold steps to demonstrate that indigenous women have the power to lead organizations that further the sustainable development of communities. Read her story.

PWS&D is inspiring change in communities around the world:

  • In Afghanistan, girls are realizing their dreams. In a region where girls have been ignored for far too long, PWS&D is working with local partners to train teachers and raise awareness and support for girls’ education.
  • In Malawi and Afghanistan, child and maternal health programs and health services for women have been strengthened and women are making informed decisions that will improve their health, well-being and quality of life.
  • In Haiti and Nicaragua, women who have experienced sexual violence and abuse are receiving legal assistance, medical care and counselling. PWS&D partners are supporting women on the road to recovery and justice, while strengthening surveillance systems, community awareness and education to end violence.
  • In Guatemala marginalized women are being empowered to claim their rights and strengthen their voices at the institutional level. Through educational programs, they are improving their self-esteem and leadership skills. Women are also supported as they form self-help groups, access financial loans and receive business and vocational training to build sustainable livelihoods.
  • In India, women and girls in remote communities are learning about their sexual and reproductive health rights, accessing medical care and making decisions about their well-being.
  • In Ghana, women accused of witchcraft are being reunited with their families after years of exclusion. PWS&D is working with communities to build awareness of human rights, mental illness and other health issues that are mistakenly attributed to witchcraft, in order to protect women against allegations and pave the way for others to return home.

In India, a community volunteer teaches girls about their rights to health care and education.

Press for Progress this International Women’s Day through actions that empower women to improve their lives and lift up those around them.