“Honestly, neither the students nor I were actually enjoying the lessons,” confesses Inayatullah, a third grade teacher at Zangue Girls School in Nangarhar, Afghanistan.

Each day at school, Inayatullah gave his lesson by lecturing or reading aloud. It wouldn’t be long before his students began to fidget and lose interest. As the school year progressed, his class size began to dwindle.

Inayatullah felt troubled that his students weren’t able to identify letters of the alphabet or spell, things they should have mastered at that level. Inayatullah knew something needed to change, but this method of teaching was all he knew.

Making Learning Fun

Inayatullah uses teaching aids to improve his lessons and the quality of his students’ education. Photo: CWSA

A five-day training workshop for teachers conducted by PWS&D’s local partners helped Inayatullah develop instructional methods to create a more engaging classroom and motivational environment for his students.

Inayatullah learned to incorporate group work, teaching aids and games into his lesson plans. These practical teaching methods transformed his classroom.

“The biggest change I have observed is the improved learning ability of the students and decreased number of absentees in my classroom,” shares Inayatullah. “The students can easily read and write now and are learning better.”

A Sense of Ownership

Better teaching methods do more than improve attendance and the quality of education. For many of the girls, a sense of ownership for their education has helped them gain confidence.

During “morning meetings,” a daily question-and-answer activity between Inayatullah and his students about likes, dislikes and other topics, the girls feel empowered to voice their opinions and ideas.

Inayatullah feels more confident in his abilities as a teacher too. He regularly develops detailed lesson plans that use all the pedagogical activities he learned.

“This is a tremendous achievement for both the students and me,” smiles Inayatullah.

In addition to improving access to education in Afghanistan, together we are improving the quality of education so more children will enjoy their studies, discover their passions, and access opportunities to build a brighter future.

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Banner photo: students supported by PWS&D’s Girls Education Project take part in a group-work activity. Credit: CWSA