Inequalities to healthcare access endure throughout the globe. To foster a more sustainable, compassionate and just world, good health and well-being for all is vital.

This September 30, you have the chance to help build healthy and hopeful communities by participating in the Ride for Refuge—a cycling and walking fundraiser with locations across Canada—in support of maternal and newborn health in Malawi and Afghanistan.

So far, 15 passionate participants are registered and fundraising for PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health program that helps mothers and babies survive childbirth and get the care and education they need to be healthy.

One participant is Steve McInnis from Knox Presbyterian Church in Woodstock, ON. Steve cycled for PWS&D in the RIDE last year, motivated by what he witnessed on a trip to Kenya in 2012.

Steve McInnis training for the Ride for Refuge.

I met a man who talked about the death of his wife while she was giving birth,” Steve shares. “In Canada, very few women die in childbirth, so this man’s story was particularly striking.” This memory kept Steve pedalling for 50 km at the Ride in London, ON. Together, his team raised $3,215.

Deborah Kim from Rexdale Presbyterian Church in Toronto, ON, hadn’t been on a bike in 20 years when she signed up to cycle 50 km in the Ride in Toronto.

Battling wind and rain, Deborah thought about cutting her route short. But something urged her on. “A part of me knew that the challenge I was facing was beyond comparison to what others in places less fortunate face on a daily basis.  I wanted to see the ride through to the end.” And she did, helping Team PWS&D raise $4,445.

There are 25 cities across Canada participating in the Ride on September 30, each offering a variety of events including a 10, 25 or 50 km bike ride or 5 km walk—and lunch! No matter the distance you choose to walk or ride, you will be sharing God’s healing love and lifting up communities in need.

Register today for the Ride for Refuge! Form a team of passionate individuals—friends, family, members of your congregation or school—join an existing team, or register solo to get moving for moms and babies. Learn more at