Many of us will have one or two schoolteachers who are especially memorable—whose guidance and dedication inspired us to find our passions and become the people we are today.

For the Grade 3 class at a girls school in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, that teacher was Heena.

Heena is warm, engaging and personable—but this wasn’t always the way her students saw her. “My students were scared of me,” admits Heena. “They felt my behaviour towards them was very strict.”

A training session begins. Photo: CWSA

Through PWS&D’s Girls Education Project, Heena received training in pedagogical skills and new instructional methods—group work, role-play and the use of teaching aids—to improve her students’ learning experience.

“The training was an eye opener for me,” shares Heena, who would mostly deliver her lessons through basic lectures.

Heena’s teaching style and approach towards her students were completely transformed. “I entered the class with a new frame of mind,” she says. “I shared interesting news and announcements with them, encouraged an exchange of personal stories. I also organized role plays and group assignments.”

Heena brought life to the lessons and even involved her students in the development of teaching aids that would be most beneficial to them. “My students were very happy and surprised with new approaches.”

Teaching aids help reinforce skills and concepts for students. Photo: CWSA

It wasn’t just their attitudes that changed. The girls were learning their lessons better, attending class regularly and sharing what they learned with their families. New admissions to the school soared.

Heena was especially proud of her star pupils when at an interschool competition testing math, science and languages, they won first prize.

“The change in my style of teaching has truly shown positive results,” says Heena. “My students were shining brightest at the event!”

Training for teachers is enhancing the quality of education and supporting student enrolment. As more and more girls and boys receive a proper, meaningful education, they are able to improve their lives and contribute to the peaceful development of their communities. Support this project today!