An unprecedented and devastating food crisis has gripped several countries across Africa.

According to the World Food Programme, around 14 million people in southern African countries are in need of food assistance.

Famine has been declared in South Sudan, where civil unrest has displaced large segments of the population and left five million people facing severe food insecurity. People in Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia are also suffering from hunger so severe that famine may be declared there as well.

On May 29, the Government of Canada announced the establishment of the Famine Relief Fund.  For all eligible donations made between March 17 and June 30, 2017, the Government of Canada will provide a matching amount towards Canada’s Famine Relief Fund. The match is 1:1, meaning that for every $1 donated to PWS&D for famine relief, $1 will go to the government’s Famine Relief Fund for distribution.

“Canadians have always demonstrated great compassion when it comes to humanitarian crises,” the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development, said while making the announcement. “Together, we can make a difference and bring relief to people who need urgent help.”

PWS&D is responding to hunger in South Sudan and Ethiopia—two of 10 countries covered by the Fund—in collaboration with partner agencies at Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

We Respond Together

Sarah watches as her youngest daughter Martha has her arm circumference measured. Arm circumference is one way of determining if a child is at a healthy weight for their age.

In South Sudan, PWS&D is responding with World Relief Canada to provide vital nutrition support for 42,000 pregnant and lactating mothers and children under five.

In collaboration with ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency), PWS&D is providing distributions of food packages for 2,250 of the most vulnerable households affected by hunger in South Sudan.

In Ethiopia, PWS&D is responding with World Renew to help deliver emergency food rations to 41,000 people.

These projects are supported through Canadian Foodgrains Bank and are also eligible to be matched on a 4:1 basis under CFGB’s regular ongoing grant agreement with the Government of Canada.

While the need is vast, your support has a powerful impact. Please give today and help expand life-saving efforts.

You can make a donation to PWS&D through your church, by mailing a cheque to the office, donating online or calling 1-800-619-7301 x291. Please mark all donations as “Famine Relief.”



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