Acting in their local communities, Presbyterians across Canada are helping create peaceful, hopeful and sustainable futures for our brothers and sisters across the globe.

Preschool students at church hop for relief efforts in Ecuador

Preschool students participate in a hop-a-thon for Ecuador.

Hopping for Hope in Ecuador 

Chinese Presbyterian Church Preschool students in Vancouver, BC, participated in a ‘hop-a-thon’ to raise money for communities impacted by the earthquake in Ecuador. Eager to make a difference for recovering families, the students hopped enough to raise $3,469.

St. David’s Vankoughnet and Knox in Bracebridge, ON host an animal-themed VBS.

Chickens, goats and other animals were among visitors to St. David’s Vankoughnet and Knox, Bracebridge during a livestock-themed VBS.

Improving Lives with Livestock

St. David’s Vankoughnet and Knox Presbyterian Church in Bracebridge, ON, held an animal-themed vacation bible school and fundraiser to provide livestock to families in developing countries. “When one of our boys first heard about our project, he came back the next day with $20 of his own money to donate,” shares Dale McMillan, a VBS facilitator. “He is about 10 years old.” Featuring visits from live animals, the VBS initiative raised $500 for PWS&D.

Healthy Babies, Happy Moms

The church school and congregation of St. Matthew's

The congregation and church school at St. Matthew’s, Ingleside present a cheque for PWS&D.

With members of the congregation, the passionate church school students at St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church in Ingleside, ON, raised $1,000 in support of PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health project in Malawi. Because of their dedication, this little group is helping make a big difference in the lives of women and children across the globe.


Giving Big for Guatemala

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Aurora, ON, hosted a Mother’s Day offering and barbeque in support of PWS&D programs benefiting marginalized communities in Guatemala. “As a result of these two initiatives, we raised $1,185 for PWS&D,” Kate Revington, chair of the church’s Outreach and Missions Team, shares proudly.

Sometimes we wonder if our actions, gestures or small gifts really have an impact in a world filled with need. In response to God’s call to act, Presbyterians are making a difference—thank you!