Rodeline is anxious and unnerved as she walks home alone, hurriedly making her way through the empty streets of her community in Haiti.

Some time ago, the young woman was attacked and raped on her way to the market. The traumatic experience left her feeling broken.

“I felt very distraught and thought that my life was over,” shares Rodeline.

After the incident, fear continued to cast its shadow on her everyday life.

Healing Victims, Healing Injustices

Community health workers take part in a gender-based violence workshop

Community health workers take part in a gender-based violence workshop

Rodeline’s story is, unfortunately, not unique. While often seen as the central pillars of their families and communities, women in Haiti are frequently vulnerable to sexual violence. A lack of resources, gender power imbalances, and poverty severely limit prevention, treatment and care for women and girls affected by gender-based violence.

PWS&D is supporting a program with Partners in Health Canada and Zamni Lasante in Haiti that is helping Rodeline and other victims access a wider network of health care services as well as economic and legal support to combat the injustice and put an end to persistent violence.

Working with women’s groups, human rights organizations and law enforcement bodies, the program is building better surveillance structures to reduce incidents of violence. Advocacy, education, and open discussion with communities about gender-based violence are also furthering prevention.

To help ensure care for the long-term, Zamni Lasante and Partners in Health conduct training for healthcare providers and cover transportation costs to and from health facilities—ensuring economic barriers don’t prevent women from seeking critical care.

As for Rodeline, she is starting to feel like herself again and is thankful for the medical providers and social workers that supported her. “I am happy and grateful for the health centre’s welcome,” she shares. “Every time I went there, the staff took care of me. They used encouraging words so that I could avoid letting what happened to me destroy me.”

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Violence against girls and women is a serious health and human rights issue. By supporting this project, you can help address the root causes of the issue, effectively meet the needs of victims and promote and protect the right of women and girls to be free from violence and discrimination.