“May I come to this room and learn what you are teaching?”

To her teachers and fellow classmates, Zakira’s love of learning is unmistakable.

The eight-year-old lives and attends school in Laghman province, Afghanistan. Her father, a mason, has been struggling to make ends meet. But in spite of challenging circumstances, Zakira is filled with hope for the future and determinedly working toward her dream career.

When Zakira approached the training room and asked to come in, the ambitious girl became the youngest participant at a teachers’ training workshop held by local partners in Afghanistan.

Zakira shares her artistic skills. Photo: Community World Service Asia (CWSA)

Zakira shares her artistic skills. Photo: Community World Service Asia (CWSA)

The workshop—a component of PWS&D’s girls education project—helps teachers improve the quality of learning for students. Facilitators also train teachers to build lessons that help girls learn about their rights and gain confidence. Though Zakira was not the target audience for the training, her energy and enthusiasm encouraged the trainers to allow her to sit in.

Zakira, empowered by her own teachers and her love of learning, is excited to eventually educate and inspire a new generation of students.

“I will become a teacher and teach children,” a determined Zakira shares.

Though she is not yet able to write, at a poetry competition held during the recent workshop, Zakira received a runner-up prize for her own imaginative verse: “If I were a bird, I would fly, and when I got tired, I would sit on a tree with peace.”

With your support, more girls like Zakira will receive an education that will help them soar to new heights and achieve their dreams.