“My mom was in a panic because of my school fees. She had decided that I needed to come home. But then I found out that I would be supported for this year. I really love being with my cousins and friends and having a great time together! I love going to school here!”

Emma standing proudly outside Neno Girls Secondary School

Emma standing proudly outside Neno Girls Secondary School

Emma, an enthusiastic, outgoing girl from Malawi, can barely contain her excitement. Emma is attending the Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported Neno Girls Secondary School. She is in her second year of studies but she is still thankful everyday for the opportunity to go to school.

Emma’s favourite thing do to in school is read and learn about America, India and Australia. She dreams about traveling the world and pursuing a higher education and a career in law.

Many other children in the remote, isolated community in Malawi have not had this same chance. In most cases, parents have no choice but to keep their children home from school because they simply can’t afford the tuition on top of meeting their family’s basic needs.

In many parts of the world—for girls especially—education is considered a privilege, not a right.

PWS&D is working to help more children access opportunities to create brighter futures. In collaboration with local partners, PWS&D provides support for vulnerable girls so they can attend Neno. With this assistance, children like Emma can work towards their dreams, eventually obtain employment and contribute to their society’s long-term development.

While Emma is at school receiving a quality education, her mother is at ease knowing she can continue to meet her family’s needs.