Tickiness Makwakwa shares her story

Tickiness Makwakwa shares her story

Standing with her family in their modest home in Malawi, Tickiness Makwakwa is beaming with pride.

“Poverty is reduced in my family,” she shares, her smile wide. “My grandchildren are going to school and my life has changed.”

For Tickiness, this is a significant accomplishment and one she would have never thought possible.

Tickiness was burdened by poverty before she started caring for her two orphaned grandchildren. It then became nearly impossible for her to meet her family’s needs.

Tickiness resorted to asking her neighbours for food, but her pleas were ignored. “When they saw me approaching their homes they would hide their salt so that I would not ask.”

Tickiness was unable to pay her grandchildren’s school fees, and this worried her most of all. She knew that without a proper education they would suffer as she had—and the cycle of poverty would endure.

Reversing the Cycle

Tickiness joined a village savings and loans group through a PWS&D-supported program in her community. Working together, members of the group save and access small loans. With these loans, they are empowered to meet their basic needs and improve the living conditions of their families.

“It is very easy for me to get a loan from my group because I am among people who know and trust me,” shares Tickiness.

The experience has been truly transformative. Tickiness no longer begs for her meals. She is sending her grandchildren to school and is filled with hope knowing that she is helping them create brighter futures.

“What would I have done were it not for the village savings and loans group?” says Tickiness. “This project is a blessing and this group is like family to me. The cycle of poverty has definitely been reversed because of what is happening now.”