Help Support Refugees!

PWS&D works with Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help refugees access enough nutritious food as they wait for peace and the opportunity to return home.

Please pray for those enduring the uncertainty and trauma of displacement, and consider making a donation that will lead to critical, life-saving assistance.

Worship Resources

Welcoming the stranger resourceThe resources in this package will call your church into a time of thoughtful prayer while engaging youth and adults to learn about conflict, migration, refugees and food security.

  • Welcoming the Stranger: a collection of prayers, litanies, songs, responsive readings, a sermonette, a children’s feature, and opportunities to give and advocate
  • Forced to Flee: a youth-focused simulation on decision-making during conflict and migration

Image of arrow pointing downWelcoming the Stranger Worship Resource

Image of arrow pointing downForced to Flee Youth Resource

PWS&D is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a coalition of 15 church-based agencies working together with the common goal of eliminating global hunger.