“Our home used to be paradise.”

Nisreen, standing in the one-room apartment she shares with 10 other family members in Lebanon, laments her once peaceful, happy life in Syria.

She and her husband Ahmad used to barbeque large dinners for family and friends. Their children would laugh and play in the garden courtyard. Getting enough to eat each night was never a concern.

When the fighting in their town escalated, the family had no other choice but to flee to Lebanon.

That life and cherished home have been torn apart by war.

Taking Root

It was not easy adjusting to a new life in Lebanon. Instead of a garden courtyard, the children play inside on a stack of thin mattresses. Rather than a barbeque to cook meals, there is a small stove with one working burner.

With Ahmad’s entire earnings going towards rent, the couple often worried about buying food and clothes for their growing children.

A Sense of Home

Food vouchers allow families to choose groceries and prepare home-cooked meals, preserving a sense of home.

Presbyterian World Service & Development is working in collaboration with its partners at Canadian Foodgrains Bank to provide food vouchers to those affected by conflict in Syria. The vouchers enable families to purchase the groceries they need while saving money for other living expenses.

While it is not the paradise they remember, in the shelter of their apartment—over meals of rice and lentils purchased with the vouchers—Ahmad, Nisreen and their children have found safety and a place to call home.

Respond to the Refugee Crisis

You can make a difference by helping restore peace and a sense of home for families like Nisreen and Ahmad’s. Donations made until February 29, 2016 are eligible to be matched by the Government of Canada. Give today to provide refugees with much needed food assistance. Please mark your donations “Syria relief.”

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