In 2015, heavy rains battered the district of Sajawal in Pakistan. Monsoon flooding brought homes to the ground, washed away roads and devastated livelihoods.

“The floods took away all hopes. We lost everything. We were at the verge of hunger,” shares Rano, a young farmer from the district.

But families like Rano’s, hardest hit by the floods, are getting the support they need to rebuild their homes and livelihoods. Despite sodden fields and damaged roadways, the spirit of hope is alive.

Sustenance, Seeds, Support

Rano, a farmer from Sajawal, is thankful for the support his family has received

Rano, a farmer from Sajawal, is thankful for the support his family received.

Presbyterian World Service & Development, in partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Community World Service Asia, is providing emergency food packages for five consecutive months to over 2,000 families affected by the flood.

“The timely support helped to ensure food security for our families,” says a smiling Rano.

Haji, another farmer in the village, is also thankful for the distributions that are saving him from further hardship: The continued support with food rations until the time we have our harvest will save us from starvation and taking out additional loans,” he shares.

In addition to food aid, farmers are receiving wheat seed to bring life back to their plots of land. “With quality seed for next sowing season we can secure quality food for our family,” says Haji. Training is also offered to teach farmers how to protect their crops and seeds from adverse weather.

Mrs. Dino makes food outside her home in Sajawal

Mrs. Dino cooks food outside her home in Sajawal

In other villages, the same sense of relief is alive and present.

Before the floods, Mrs. Dino’s crop of sweet melon was thriving. When the monsoon destroyed her fields, she worried about supporting her family. With this assistance, however, she is meeting her nutritional needs and is thankful knowing she will have food for the future. “We would have missed this growing season if we would have not received wheat seed. We are grateful to those who supported us.”

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Your generosity is helping families in Pakistan have nutritious food and peace of mind during this difficult time. With your support, we can continue bringing relief and life-saving assistance to those affected by the flood.

*PWS&D is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end global hunger. This project was undertaken with matching support from the Government of Canada.