On PWS&D Sunday, we remember the work our church is doing to support vulnerable families across the globe. Through programs in community development and emergency relief, together, we are making a difference!

Make February 7 a day to reflect on those who continue to struggle for basic necessities such as nutritious food, clean water, adequate health care, quality education and basic human rights.

Here are some ways you can make a difference on PWS&D Sunday:

  • Hold a Special PWS&D Service: Encourage your mission committee to have a PWS&D-themed service.
  • Order PWS&D Resources: PWS&D has a variety of resources for use during PWS&D Sunday, including bulletin inserts, bulletin covers and offering envelopes. All of these resources can be ordered from The PCC Resource Centre (1-800-619-7301).
  • Show PWS&D’s video “We Respond Together” which highlights the different ways our church is responding to God’s call to serve people in need. Play this video during the service or as a moment for mission. Alternatively, show the new “One Mission, Two Funds” video.
  • Share PWS&D’s 2015-2016 General PowerPoint with your congregation. This presentation highlights photos and stories from PWS&D projects.
  • Make a DonationYour gifts truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. On PWS&D Sunday, encourage your congregation to have a special offering in support of PWS&D programs.

By responding to the call to share Christ’s love with the world, our church is helping create lasting, positive change. Thank you!

Speakers for PWS&D Sunday may be available. To inquire, please contact Anna Muir (1-800-619-7301 ext. 293).

*If you can’t hold a PWS&D-themed service on February 1st, don’t let it stop you from doing it. Celebrate the work that we are doing together on any Sunday that works for your congregation.