red blouse and husband farming Owen Theu and Charity Soko. Second family spunky poet lady is Florence Shawa. Goat farmer Davis Nyirenda. Seed bank warehouse.

As autumn approaches, many of us will be preparing to harvest crops, enjoy meals with our families and give thanks for God’s abundant gifts.

However, in many parts of the world, heavy rains, drought and the rising cost of seeds make it difficult for small-scale farmers to grow enough food to meet their nutritional needs and sustain their families.

Prolonged war, poverty and poor health are other reasons many families in our global village remain hungry.

On October 16, we observe World Food Day–a day to reflect on the prevalence of world hunger and malnutrition and inspire solutions for lasting change.

This autumn season, let us remember the global struggle against hunger and think about the ways that we can share in God’s abundance and bring hope to those who are food insecure.

Children plant vegetable garden in Guatemalan highlandsFacts About Hunger

  • There is enough food in the world to feed everyone yet over 870 million people do not have enough to eat. Globally, that is one in seven people.
  • At least 70% of the people who regularly go to bed hungry live in rural areas of developing countries. It is often smallholder farmers who produce food that are the most food insecure.
  • Malnutrition is sometimes referred to as “hidden hunger” because a person can be consuming enough calories but lack essential nutrients.
  • Children who do not get enough food or nutrients are at a higher risk for stunting and disease. A third of all deaths of children under five in developing countries are linked to under-nutrition.

Together, We Respond to Hunger

PWS&D works with Canadian Foodgrains Bank and our partners overseas to help farmers in developing countries rise above hunger and to ensure there is enough food for all. PWS&D programs provide farmers with seeds, tools, fertilizer, and training in innovative and sustainable farming practices, as well as emergency food assistance in times of need. We also work to engage Canadians in taking actions within Canada to reduce hunger globally.

Join the Movement to End Hunger!

Supporting small-scale farmers may be the key to overcoming hunger worldwide. As an individual, community or congregation, there are many ways you can help create positive change:

Your Gifts Make a Difference

Maria Victoria Perez

Maria Victoria Perez

The issues behind global hunger are complex, but our actions and gifts are making a difference.

In Guatemala, Maria Victoria Perez is no longer facing hunger thanks to support from PWS&D.

PWS&D’s local partners in Guatemala helped teach Maria how to plant trees and diversify her crops to improve her family’s nutrition. Maria’s garden is flourishing. She is also empowering other women to rise above hunger and create a better quality of life.

Worship Resources

The resources in this package will call your church into a time of praise and thanksgiving, and also a time to reflect on those around the world who don’t have enough to eat.

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Image of arrow pointing downWorld Food Day Worship Resource 2015

Image of arrow pointing downWorld Food Day Worship Resource 2015 (Plain Text)

PWS&D is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a coalition of 15 church-based agencies working together with the common goal of eliminating global hunger.CFGB-logo