“In the last two years, our source of income has decreased considerably,” shares Narso. “Our access to food has been very limited.”

Narso, her husband and their five children live in Pakistan, where a severe drought affecting large swaths of land has left many families in their village without their daily source of food and many farmers without their source of income.

Narso’s crops, once flourishing after months of digging and tilling, withered into brittle, empty husks.

For Narso’s family, managing the harvest and tending to livestock was already a challenge.

Eight years ago, Narso’s husband severely wounded his left arm resulting in its amputation. Narso, who is also disabled, helps her husband thresh and plough the fields. Together, they managed to harvest just enough food to sustain their family and meet their needs.

But during the drought, their only source of income was the earnings of their 13-year-old son who worked as a helper in a house a village away.

The dry weather endured. The family exhausted their savings.

For Narso, hope for a better life had begun to dwindle.

A Sign of Relief

The first of six rounds of the distribution. Oil and wheat will sustain families who are food insecure.

The first of six rounds of the distribution. The packages will sustain families who are food insecure.

Presbyterian World Service & Development’s local partner Community World Service Asia, with additional support from Canadian Foodgrains Bank, is providing emergency food packages to meet the nutritional needs of families affected by the drought in Pakistan until they can continue harvesting their own fields.

In March, Narso’s family along with 1,800 other households benefited from the first of six rounds of the distribution.

“The food quality is good and the quantity is enough to ensure food security for the entire family,” shares Narso. “I have been saved from taking out loans, selling my livestock and borrowing food.”

For Narso, these food packages offer relief from hunger and restore hope for a future of health and happiness for her family. She is looking forward to bringing life back to her parcel of land and continuing to provide for her children.

Community members collect food packages

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