Every year, PWS&D partner AMMID takes part in an activity fair highlighting the necessity of food security and food sovereignty. Five themes were highlighted when it comes to food security and nutrition.

Take a photo tour through the fair with them!

  • Agroecological food production was a central focus of the fair. Groups who are practicing agroecology exhibited and sold the diverse food they produce in their family plots.
  • There were also opportunities to promote non-farm activities—mainly textile production—that help generate income for families. This additional income allows families to access food that they are not able to grow.
  • At the fair an emphasis was placed on local food consumption, as well as Maya Mam cultural traditions and ancestral practices related to healthy and nutritious food.
  • Space was devoted to promoting hygiene and nutritional standards for food consumption. Instruction was also provided on the importance of the right nutrients and food for young children.
  • Organizations like AMMID provided information through posters, pamphlets and booths to raise awareness and promote nutrition and food security to the local population.

World Food Day is marked annually on October 16.