Christopher Chalunda had been working in the labour and delivery ward at the Mulanje Mission Hospital for just one year when he received an amazing opportunity. He had been selected to take part in a special training on Integrated Maternal and Child Health. This training was being conducted as part of PWS&D’s government-funded maternal and child health program in Malawi.

“This training has been very vital because we have learned new attitudes in how to approach patients. We are assisting in providing quality care to patients,” he says.

Christopher Chalunda and Adorn Banda

Christopher Chalunda and Adorn Banda

The training was designed to equip practicing clinicians and midwives with the knowledge and skills necessary to combat Malawi’s high maternal and child mortality rates, and ensure that midwives and other skilled birth attendants can take an active role in implementing quality maternal health services.

Christopher adds that a major benefit of this program is “that we were taught to use our available resources. Even if there is a shortage of what we need, we can improvise with what we already have.”

On the final day of training, all participants were involved in creating an action plan to show how they would share what they had learned to benefit their colleagues, patients, and clients.

Adorn Banda, who was also a trainee in the program, talks about a scale of good, better and best in terms of the level of maternal health care they are able to provide. “With this training we have moved from better to best, even when resources aren’t present,” he says.

*This program receives generous support from the Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.