In early 2013, the Canadian government, through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), launched a new way to sponsor refugees.

The Blended Visa Office Referred (VOR) Initiative is designed to resettle refugees identified by the United National High Commission for Refugees and submitted to Canadian visa offices abroad. Through this “blended” program, both the government and sponsors (covered under Sponsorship Agreements  – like that of The Presbyterian Church in Canada) contribute to the financial support of the refugees over a one-year period. Traditional sponsorship remains in place for refugees named by their sponsors.

Refugees included in this program must be matched with a sponsor before they can travel to Canada. They have already met eligibility and admissibility requirements and are ready to travel within one to four months – making their arrival in Canada much faster than the traditional process.

Responding Together to Resettle Refugees

The Presbyterian Church in Canada in Canada has been helping to facilitate refugee sponsorship since the Vietnamese boat people crisis of 1979-80. In 2012, 10 individuals arrived in Canada sponsored through the generosity of Presbyterian congregations, while 71 await processing overseas.  

For more information about this opportunity to respond to the needs of refugees, download the full details below or contact Rob Shropshire by e-mail or phone (416-441-1111 or 1-800-619-7301 x249).

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