Providing, protecting and caring for helpless children is a heavy burden for impoverished families in Malawi. Chronic poverty, poor harvests and the prevalence of HIV and AIDS have left nearly one million children orphaned or at risk. Surviving parents, grandparents and older siblings often struggle to meet their basic needs.

Thankfully, they are not carrying this burden alone.

With support from Presbyterian World Service & Development, the Titukule Ana program—which means let us raise our children—was launched as a way to reach out to needy children and their guardians. Through the program, communities are taking collective responsibility for the care of orphans and vulnerable children, equipping them for the future and restoring hope in Malawi.

A Hopeful Surgeon: Madalitso’s Story

By his first birthday, Madalitso was already at a distinct disadvantage in life. He had lost his father and his mother was left to care for him on her own. When she remarried a few years later, Madalitso was chased from his home because his stepfather did not want him around.

“We had no choice but to take care of Madalitso. Yes we were struggling and had other responsibilities, but who can abandon their own grandchild?” said Madalitso’s grandmother, Tereza. Over the years, Madalitso’s grandparents have struggled to provide for his basic needs and his school fees.

Four years ago life began to get better. Community volunteers working with the Titukule Ana program identified Madalitso as a gifted youth who had no funds to further his education without assistance. Through the program his school fees were covered and he was enabled to graduate secondary school with distinction.

“Although I lack material things, I now have a Malawi School Certificate of Education and hope,” said Madalitso. Today he applied for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Malawi College of Medicine. It is his dream to be a surgeon.

“I have seem God’s mercy and grace through this support, otherwise I would have had no story to tell today.”

Respond Today

The generous support of Presbyterians makes possible life-changing programs like Titukule Ana. Your gifts enable communities to care for children and empower youth to take control of their futures.

You can make a donation to this PWS&D project through your church, mail a cheque to the PWS&D office, donate online or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 291.