19 Year Old Mother-Balaka food distributionNdaziona leaves her house at four a.m. with her five-month baby on her back. She’s headed to work on someone else’s farm in order to earn $2.50 a week – which she needs in order to buy food for her family.

Ndaziona just turned 19 and was married last year. She lives with her husband and baby in Balaka District, Malawi. From the beginning, her family faced challenges as they struggled to grow and produce enough food to last all year, as droughts were plaguing the area and affecting both the harvest and growing season.

With the income she earned working on other people’s farms, Ndaziona would buy maize – allowing her to eat once a day. She would often sleep on an empty stomach. As a breast-feeding mother she needed to eat more, nutritious food to sustain herself and her baby.

“Life was hard. Occasionally I would feel dizzy and my child would bite my nipple when he felt not enough milk was coming out. Mostly in the afternoon I just took water because we could not afford to eat breakfast and two meals a day.”

Today, Ndaziona has a different story to tell. After being selected to receive support from a food aid project implemented by Blantyre Synod Health and Development Commission, Ndaziona has received food supplies, which provides her with choices.

Beneficiaries during official launch-Balaka“I did not expect that I would be one of the beneficiaries under this project. Today God has seen me and I see myself having food. I will be able to breastfeed my child. From the same grain, I will have flour for my child’s porridge once he turns 6 months, since I need to introduce him to other foods at this age, apart from breastfeeding.”

Because she is assured of six months of food supplies through this this project, Ndaziona can stop working for others and can devote her energy to working on her family’s farm. Her smiling face shows the hope she feels.

With the support of Canadian Foodgrains Bank and PWS&D, five thousand food-insecure households, representing 25,000 people, will receive food supplies from October 2012 until March 2013.

You can make a donation to this PWS&D project through your church, mail a cheque to the PWS&D office, donate online or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 291.