Over 900 million people don’t have adequate food to live active and healthy lives. The causes of hunger are complex, but ways for people to take action don’t have to be. TheRecipe for Ending Global Hunger is simple:

  • Thousands of generous Canadians – this means YOU. Nothing would happen without the support of those who donate time and money;
  • 15 churches and church-based agencies (including PWS&D) that make up Canadian Foodgrains Bank;
  • Hundreds of partners around the world – the Foodgrains Bank works with like-minded organizations in over 35 countries;
  • One supportive federal government.

Why is the Canadian government a key ingredient?

Not only does the government have resources to offer, it also makes policies that affect people in the developing world. We want to encourage the Canadian government to consider the needs of people around the world who do not have access to adequate food for a healthy and active life.

Become a Part of the Recipe:

Order a Recipe postcard and send it to the Prime Minister, reminding him that there are many Canadians who care about Canada’s role in ending global hunger. Organize a card signing party with your congregation, friends and family.

Postcards can be ordered by contacting The Book Room (1-800-619-7301, bookroom [at] presbyterian [dot] ca). Complete the response form to help keep track of the postcards sent.

Watch the Recipe for Ending Global Hunger video and then show it at your church or event to explain how the recipe works and invite others to get involved.