In Malawi, becoming a mother and caring for young children can be risky. Due to a lack of access to health care services, family planning and proper nutrition during pregnancy, combined with low awareness of maternal health issues, Malawi has one of the highest maternal and child mortality rates in the world.

Although one of the most important interventions for safe pregnancy and delivery is the assistance of a skilled health worker and quality health facilities, most women live more than 25km away from the nearest hospital and less than half give birth with the assistance of a trained nurse of midwife.

Fortunately, we have the ability to change these statistics and the lives of women and children for the better.

Your support of PWS&D’s Sunday School Challenge “Healthy Babies, Happy Moms” will make lasting improvements to the health of women and children by improving access to health care, training birth attendants and teaching women how to better care for themselves and their children.

A gift of only $330 teaches a nurse how to help mothers deliver and care for new babies. With this support, women and children will survive childbirth more often and babies will grow to be strong and healthy.

Help children begin life right and please give today!

Download the poster below or order copies from The Book Room (-1800-619-7301)

Image of arrow pointing downSunday School Challenge: Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Poster