Select some plain paper to use for the dolls.
(Remember that the key to making connected paper dolls are to always fold in the same direction and leave part of the main fold uncut.)

Step 2:
Begin by folding the paper in half. Then fold it in half again, making sure that you make the fold on the same side as the first fold.

Step 3:
Continue folding in this manner until the paper is the size you desire, usually at least 4” wide.

Step 4:
Draw your doll shape on the paper. Make sure that parts of the doll will be right against the fold.

Step 5:
Cut the outside of the doll first. Next cut parts of the doll out on the folded side. (Do not cut all parts of the doll out on the folded side. People often leave the hands and feet against the fold.)

Step 6:
Open the paper and you will have a string of dolls connected by the hands and feet.

As you are cutting out your doll, begin talking:

Sometimes we start our day and without knowing it we are just thinking about ourselves. We brush our teeth, eat our breakfast and head off to school. But God teaches us that everything we do does not only affect ourselves but affects everyone around us.

Pause here and finish cutting out your doll holding up only the single cut figure for all the children and congregation to see.

Ask the children:

On your way to school, your Mom hands you a granola bar and although you know it’s not right to litter, you drop the wrapper on the ground. How does this affect other people?

At lunchtime you notice that one of your friends is a little upset because they forgot their lunch so you go over and share your lunch with them. How does this affect other people?

(Add your own illustrations and be sure to expand on the children’s answers. If one child said his friend would be happy if he shared his lunch, you can expand and say that he will learn better in class because he isn’t hungry, or he may in turn do something kind to someone else like share a toy on the playground. You can illustrate how a single action can snowball.)

Pull your paper doll apart and there will be several figures connected.

Conclude by saying:

We are all connected! You, I, Mrs. _____________ and Mr._____________. What God wants most from us is that we live our lives so that the people we are connected to feel God’s love through…us!

Do you know, that through our church, we are connected to people all around the world? Through Presbyterian World Service & Development, our relief and development agency, we work with partners all around the world to do God’s work. We help send children to school. We help farmers transform barren plots of land into thriving gardens that grow many different fruits and vegetables. We help parents start small businesses so they can support their families.

We work with churches all around the world so that people can feel God’s love through us.

Let us pray: Dear God. Thank you for loving us!

Help us work with others around us to share your love with the world. Amen.

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