Natural Church DevelopmentIs your church “healthy”? How so?

Does it have the potential to grow to greater health? In what ways?

Does it really matter if it’s healthy? Why?

What does a “healthy” church look like anyway?

Natural Church Development has demonstrated in, comprehensive international research and over ten years experience in over 54,000 local churches that:

  • There are eight health characteristics essential to every church.
  • Increasing your church’s health is the most effective way to grow it.
  • There are universal, God-given growth principles you can apply.
  • There is no substitute for a process which keeps you focused on the most important health issues facing your church.

If partnering with God to grow a healthier church really is a priority for you, go to and download the free booklet – Natural Church Development: An Introduction for Churches. If you want more information, go to and view the mini seminars and videos or contact:

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