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The PCC’s Ministry and Mission page is a collection of our latest Ministry and Mission Tips, Resources and Ministry in Action stories that will help inspire and inform ways to make your ministry and mission happen! Be sure to check out our Equipping for… publications for more helpful resources and ideas in the areas of congregational life & leadership, faith formation, evangelism and mission, and worship.

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Hope is a Star – A Song for the First Week of Advent

Steve Rivers, Canadian country music singer-songwriter and former member of St. David's Presbyterian Church in Campbellville, Ont., has performed a song specially for the first week of Advent, titled “Hope is a star.” Congregations are welcome to use the recording in their worship services or share it with their members.

20 Creative Ways to Celebrate Advent in 2020

The end of the calendar year brings with it many celebrations, decorations, and traditions. But, in 2020, how do we celebrate while staying safe and physically distant? The Advent season is one more opportunity for ministries to creatively adapt by creating new and unique opportunities for their communities. Here are 20 creative ways to celebrate Advent in 2020.

Advent in an Envelope: A Wonderful Way to Help Families Form Faith

This year has been a difficult one in more ways than one. And with Advent approaching fast, families with children definitely need simple, yet effectively creative and hope-filled ways to celebrate Advent 2020 at home safely, while keeping it super fun for the kids. Head to this resource here created to help families form faith.

Advent, Christmas and Epiphany Activity Pack for Children & Families

The Advent, Christmas and Epiphany activity pack for children and families includes a variety of ideas from various faith formation resources. Some of the activities are especially appropriate for young children, some are intended for intergenerational groups, some will work well in a virtuall setting, and some are just right at the kitchen table or in front of the fireplace with family members of all ages.

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