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Members of Calvin Presbyterian Church in Halifax, N.S., held a walk on Sunday, Feb. 27, for the Coldest Night of the Year in support of ARK in Halifax, a community that works with marginalized people and advocates for justice. Approximately $2,500 was raised for the homeless, hungry and the hurt in the community.
      The Paris Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) Auxiliary held their first open meeting with a Valentine’s Tea. Each member brought along their teacup and tea bag with hot water supplied. The first to register was 99-year-old Joyce Bawcutt, pictured front right. Back row (l-r): Council President Cathy Reid, SWO President Margaret McGugan, Presbyterial President Judy MacIntosh. Seated with Joyce is Auxiliary President Shirley Miller (right).
    The congregation of Dorchester Presbyterian Church in Dorchester, Ont., held its first ever Wintertime Quilt Show from Feb. 25 to March 1, 2022. For the event, the church sanctuary was decked out in 117 stunning quilts, so that visitors could come and enjoy an incredible array of beautiful creations that grew from patience and persistence, one stitch at a time. The quilts were generously provided by the Cherished Pieces quilt shop in Tillsonburg, the Elgin Piecemakers Quilt Guild, as well as many individual quilters from Dorchester and surrounding communities. The Wintertime Quilt Show was a great success, welcoming 212 guests and receiving $1,642 in donations, all of which was donated to Camp Kintail. PHOTO CREDIT: LINDA CHARLTON.

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