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From Coachee to Coach:
Stephen Kwon’s Journey in the Cyclical Network
  By Emily Hill, Canadian Ministries
The question that may come to mind for many people when they hear that the minister, Session or other lead- ers in the congregation are receiving coaching is: “What does coaching have to do with ministry?”
It’s easy for participants in the
Cyclical PCC network to answer this question. As part of the church-plant- ing support initiative, participants are paired with a coach who provides support and encouragement as they discern God’s call, refine visions and take steps toward starting sustain- able new ministries.
The Rev. Stephen Kwon was one
of the first participants in the Cycli- cal PCC network when it started in the fall of 2018. At the time, the Well Church in Mississauga where he serves was only a year old. It was a newly formed Presbyterian church within the Presbytery of Eastern Han- Ca.
Stephen says this about the coach- ing he received from the Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart of St. Andrew’s Hall at the Vancouver School of Theology: “The guidance that Ross provided re- ally helped me get established in my role as the leader of a new worship- ping community. He listened to me, asked good questions and shared ideas from his own experience. He encouraged me to think deeply about our ministry at the Well Church and to discern where God was calling us next as a community.”
Stephen’s experience with Ross demonstrates many of the features of a strong coaching relationship:
• purposeful conversations in which the coach listens well and asks good questions
• space for the person being coached to reflect and seek out answers within themselves
• encouragement to listen for God’s guidance and sense the movement of the Spirit
Stephen is now a coach with the Cyclical PCC network. He describes
this experience as follows: “I enjoy the ability to encourage other church planters by sharing my stories and my experiences. The person I am coaching is establishing an English Ministry in a Korean congregation, which is something I have done. My experience means that I can be a re- ally good listening ear and ask the right questions.”
When asked what he would say to someone considering joining the Cyclical PCC network, Stephen said, “Yes, 100% do it. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of starting a new worshipping community and your church or presbytery supports you in it, join the network. You’ll find a community that will support, en- courage and cheer you on.”
Responding to Harm Done Due to Homophobia and Transphobia in the PCC
By Carragh Erhardt, Program Coordinator, Sexuality & Inclusion
In 2021, The Presbyterian Church in Canada adopted the final repor t of the Rainbow Communion. The repor t draws on the stories of 139 peo- ple who shared their experiences of harm due to homophobia, hypocrisy, transphobia and heterosexism in the church. In recognition of the harm the church has caused, funds are avail- able to provide financial assistance for accessing counselling or psycho- therapy to help support healing.
What is the fund for?
The fund provides financial assis-
tance to support psychotherapy or counselling for those who have expe- rienced harm done by homophobia, hypocrisy, transphobia and hetero- sexism in The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Financial assistance provided through this fund may be used for an array of therapeutic options. Requests may be submitted to reimburse costs incurred for past counselling or psy- chotherapy sessions and/or to cover the cost of ongoing counselling or psychotherapy sessions.
Who is eligible to
receive funding?
People who have experienced harm
done by homophobia, hypocrisy, transphobia and heterosexism in The Presbyterian Church in Canada are eligible to be considered for financial suppor t.
People inquiring about funds will be asked to relate their story and de- scribe how homophobia or transpho- bia in the PCC has negatively impact- ed them, but they do not necessarily need to disclose their sexual orienta- tion or gender identity.
Who reviews requests
for funding?
Requests will be considered prompt- ly by a small committee. There is no annual or quarterly deadline to sub-
mit a request. All requests are kept strictly confidential.
The review committee is composed of the Program Coordinator, Sexuality and Inclusion; the General Secretary, Life and Mission Agency; and the Principal Clerk, General Assembly.
The work of the review committee is confidential and only pertinent de- tails are shared with the full review committee. Questions about this pro- cess and its composition can be dis- cussed when speaking with one of the members of the committee about
applying for funds.
How can requests
be submitted?
Individuals inquiring about the fund, or who are interested in requesting support from it, may contact Car- ragh Erhardt, Program Coordinator, Sexuality & Inclusion, at cerhardt@ or 1-800-619-7301 ext. 278.
Additional information about the fund is available at funding-for-harm-done
 Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing encourage and nurture new ministry through programs like Cyclical PCC.

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