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Presbytery of Central Alberta Special Recognition Service
   The Rev. Charles McNeil, the Rev. Lyn Lamers, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Scott, the Rev. Harry Currie.
By the Rev. Steven Webb, Memorial Presbyterian Church in Sylvan Lake, Alta.
A special recognition service was held at Memorial Presbyterian Church in Sylvan Lake, Alta., by the Presbytery of Central Alberta. This service, which was attended by the Rev. Dr. Daniel Scott, Moderator of the 146th General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, was held to recognize the appointment of two interim ministers.
The Rev. Charles McNeil was rec- ognized into a newly created Central Alberta Shared Ministry established between Knox Presbyterian Church and West Park Presbyterian Church in Red Deer and St. Andrew’s Pres- byterian Church in Innisfail. This min- istry was created by a special com- mittee of the presbytery to find a way to meet the needs of several congre- gations that were without ministers.
The Presbytery of Central Alberta was meeting the ministry needs of the local congregations with two ac-
tive ministers and a few retired minis- ters. One solution that presented itself was for these three congregations to share a minister. With the assistance of Ministry and Church Vocations, a working model was developed that would allow all three congregations to maintain their autonomy while sharing a minister at the same time.
After much good discussion among the three congregations, a star ting point for this shared min- istry was established, and a very suitable interim minister, the Rev. Charles MacNeil, was found to fur- ther develop this ministry. This In- terim Ministry, which will take place over a two-year period, will work toward establishing a permanent shared ministry between the three congregations. It will allow each congregation to maintain their own individuality while sharing the cost of full-time ministry. The presbytery is excited to see how this model of ministry will develop.
The Rev. Lyn Lamers was also recognized into an Interim Ministry
position—at Memorial Presbyterian Church in Rocky Mountain House. This Interim Ministry was established to enable the congregation there to rebuild and prepare for future min- istry with their own called minister. The Rev. Lamers brings considerable pastoral experience to the congrega- tion. She will work with the Interim Moderator at Memorial PC and a Special Oversight Committee of the Presbytery of Central Alberta as this congregation continues to serve Christ in this wonderful community.
Each of these ministers was cho- sen for the particular gifts that they will bring to the ministry and share with their congregations. The Mod- erator, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Scott, drew attention to this during his sermon on being Apostles.
In attendance at this service were a few representatives from each of the congregations involved, as well as members of the presbytery. The service was live streamed to the members of these congregations and to the members of the presbytery.
The stained-glass window at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Ottawa, Ont.
  Honouring Faithful Service at Westminster Ottawa
   By Carol Ann Joiner, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Ottawa, Ont.
A new stained-glass window in honour of Audrey and Bill Miller was dedicated Nov. 21, 2021, at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Ottawa, Ont. This was a gift from their children, Glenn and Carol Ann,
Bill and Audrey Miller.
offered to the church to honour their parents. Audrey and Bill have been very active and integral members of Westminster for over 55 years and Audrey was a recipient of the Wom- en’s Missionary Society Presbyte- rian Woman of Faith Award in 2017 for Faithful Service. Sadly, Audrey passed away in the summer of 2020 after a lengthy illness.
The dedication included the scrip- ture Matthew 5:16: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so
that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heav- en.” Whatever Audrey and Bill did, be it a ministry of the church, an activity in or away from the church, grocery shopping or meeting a stranger at the local market, they “let their light shine” for all to see.
The main theme of the window is “Welcoming Jesus,” which is so appropriate as Audrey and Bill have been such a welcoming force to so many people in their community. Two
other symbols were added to the de- sign: the open Bible and cross, and the Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT) logo. The first symbol represents the cornerstone of their lives: their faith. And the second, the CGIT logo, speaks to Audrey’s 50-plus years of involvement in the CGIT movement, and for which she was honoured by the Ontario CGIT Association for her dedication and volunteer work that spanned more than five decades. No matter what each of them took on, Bill and Audrey have always been in support of one another 100%.
The window was received and dedicated to the Glory of God. We give thanks for the life and work of both Audrey and Bill Miller at West- minster.
Bill is still very active in the life of Westminster, although he is griev- ing the loss of his beloved wife of 59 years. He has a new place to sit in church now, beside this window, which brings him much comfort.
Presbyterians Sharing supports the Central Alberta Shared Ministry.

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