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Young People with a World View
FALL 2020
    By Chris MacDonald, Clerk of Session, First Presbyterian Church in Pictou, N.S.
Since the spring of 1998, the Sunday School of First Presbyterian Church in Pictou, N.S., has spearheaded
many mission projects to support the work of PWS&D and special ap- peals all over the world, as well as mission projects within Canada and local projects here in Pictou. The to- tal raised by the Sunday School for these projects over the years is a whopping $29,461.99!
To recognize this achievement, balloons are proudly displayed on the walls of First Church Hall. The range of projects that the Sunday School supports are far reaching and broad in their scope and impact. They in- clude global support for earthquake relief; famine relief; schools and education; agriculture projects; local Christmas families; Canadian mis- sions, such as Flora House (Winni- peg Inner City Missions) in Winnipeg and Evangel Hall Mission in Toronto;
and most recently, the Syrian refugee effor t.
The Sunday School organizes a variety of events each year, which are well supported by the congregation, including an annual Bike-A-Thon, Si- lent Bottle drives, and soup and des- sert luncheons after church.
A special night is “Mission Mad- ness,” when the young people gather for a fun night of games. They often invite many of their school friends to join in. The adults also enjoy the fun of the night!
These events and projects do not happen without the dedication and en- thusiasm of an amazing and creative Sunday School staff, suppor ted by a willing and generous congregation.
Our young people have a very wide worldly view of the work of the
church and are learning first-hand, from their First Church exposure, the message of openness and tolerance that is the foundation of the teachings of Christ in our modern world.
Seedlings that grew from seeds included in the Messy Church “At Home” activity kit for April.
   Keeping in Touch in Lucknow
   One of the activities for the Youth Group’s online “COVID Photo Scavenger Hunt.”
By Dayle Taylor, Lucknow Presbyterian Church in Lucknow, Ont.
The congregation of Lucknow Pres- byterian Church in Lucknow, Ont., has been keeping in touch through a number of avenues while we have been unable to meet face-to-face due to the pandemic. Our minister, the Rev. Paul Sakasov, provides an online service with a great message each week along with links to sug- gested hymns on YouTube. He also posts short blog updates on what the Session is up to and the plans for the future to keep everyone in the loop.
A newsletter was emailed to all members in June, and hard copies were made available and delivered to those who don’t have email. This is a new venture that shares lots of infor- mation on what is happening with the congregation. Included in the June newsletter were articles from various groups and members of the church.
The Messy Church team continues to put together “At Home” activity kits each month and deliver them to the door or mailbox of each family. The Women’s Missionary Society held an outdoor meeting with a “bring your own picnic lunch” on June 30. At the meeting, they practiced social distancing, mask wearing and hand- washing. It was a good opportunity
for members to help one another adapt to this new way of being part of the church. One member, who works at the local library, recommended a couple of books she thought people might enjoy. Our organist offered suggestions for music to listen to, that provoked some thought. She said that she keeps going back to “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” when thinking of God’s constant love and guidance. At this time, verse 3 speaks to us the most.
Our Youth Group has continued to meet online to par ticipate in activi- ties, devotions and discussions. In April, one of our members put to- gether a YouTube video on how to make scones, and the youth made them before meeting. They were then able to sample their own bak- ing and share the results with each other during the meeting. An inter- national student who had come to Youth Group while on an exchange in Lucknow was also able to join the meeting vir tually from her home in Switzerland. A photo scavenger hunt was part of the May meeting and,inJune,therewasadiscussion about racial equality.
Everyone at Lucknow Presbyterian Church is definitely going the extra mile to keep connected during these unusual times.

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