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Moving Forward in Toney River
FALL 2020
The congregation’s “biblical-themed” pumpkin carving at St. David’s Presby- terian Church in Toney River, N.S.
    The evening beach service for 50–75 people, including cottagers.
assistance from the congregation, assembled “blessing bags” with toi- letries and other essentials to give to the local youth shelter; children par- ticipate in church services by gath- ering the offering, greeting visitors, decorating for special occasions and creating seasonal bulletin boards. Angela Cromwell, one of our talented musicians, leads the children and the congregation in a monthly “Joy- ful Noise” segment of our worship service.
A local doctor, Rob Bush, M.D., gave an evening presentation on men’s health, with over 75 attend- ees. We’ve treated the congregation to Eggnog Sunday and Apple Cider Sunday, planned biblical-themed pumpkin carving opportunities, in- vited guest musicians, hosted Easter Bonnet Sunday and Cottager Sunday, and assembled welcome candles as tokens for first-time visitors. Present- ly, we are working on constructing a roadside billboard.
Funding was received from the Nova Scotia Health Authority to de- liver a series of health- and wellness- related information sessions. Unfor- tunately, after the first successful session on how people can reduce their risks of dementia, the COVID-19
By Mona MacDonald, St. David’s Presbyterian Church in Toney River, Pictou County, N.S.
The congregation of St. David’s Pres- byterian Church in Toney River, N.S., is a relatively small fishing/farming community with an average Sun- day attendance of 35–45 adults and 6–12 children.
The Rev. Christine O’Reilly from Knox Presbyterian Church in Thed-
ford, Ont., and the Rev. Peter Bush came to Pictou County and gave an informative and inspiring workshop on Reframing. When some of the ideas were presented at the annual congre- gational meeting, the result was like the proverbial bit of yeast in a meas- ure of flour! A committee was struck; they organized, revised and circulated a survey to the broader community. Results were compiled, and goals and action plans were devised. The
committee morphed into the Moving Forward Action Committee and “Go forward as well as outward” became our motto.
Our initiatives, numbering 20 or more at this time, include strategies for older members, Sunday School interactions, and outreach. Our chil- dren are participating in both worship and outreach activities.
Here are some of our activities. Our Sunday School members, with
Assembling “Roots for Youth” blessing bags.
pandemic struck; thus we put our hand to the plough and look ahead to continuing this worthwhile initiative.
Our committee members are Eliza- beth Elliott, Richie Gammon, Sheila Grant, Mona MacDonald, Karri Ann Noel, Ethel Slaunwhite and Doug White.
Thank you for the inspiration, Christine and Peter!
had the boxes of the beautiful bright Kalanchoe plants on the sidewalk, ready for loading into our two vehi- cles. We drove to Hollyburn House, where Andrew, wearing his mask, emerged with a cart on which to place the plants once we put a card in each one.
We did take off our masks for the “photo op” and were so happy to “brighten the day” of so many Hol- lyburn House residents. Kyla was thanked with a bottle of champagne (from my wine rack) and a Thank You card.
Three cheers to the West Van- couver Community Foundation for “brightening the lives” of so many in our community.
  Brighter Days in West Vancouver
 By Jean Lawrence, Communication Team, West Vancouver Presbyterian Church, B.C.
For the last two years, the Com- munication Team of West Vancou- ver Presbyterian Church, B.C., has been delighted to receive a small neighbourhood grant from the West Vancouver Community Foundation to rent a bouncy castle for our Parking Lot Party, where we reach out to the local neighbourhood. This year, COV- ID-19 hit and we had to say goodbye to the Parking Lot Party. Then the Re- sponsive Neighbourhood Grant was offered.
We thought of all the lonely sen- iors in our neighbourhood, especially those in independent and/or assisted living, and wondered what the Com- munication Team Sub-Committee of West Vancouver Presbyterian Church could do to bring a little joy to these isolated people.
I came up with the idea of flowers or a plant that could be delivered, so I contacted long-time family friend
Kyla Beyer, owner of Limelight Flo- ral Design in Dundarave, who im- mediately said yes to selling us 500 Kalanchoe plants at her wholesale price. To quote Kyla, the plants are “cheap, cheerful and long lasting.”
Then I contacted Andrew Makodi, Director of Recreation at Hollyburn House Retirement Residence to ask if their residents would like to receive a little plant. He was so appreciative, acknowledging what a great idea it was, especially as some of the plants could later be planted in the Holly- burn House garden.
A delivery date of May 22 was set. We put a little note in each plant. Joanne Wallis came up with the slo- gan “To brighten your day...” Each card had the slogan, a small West Vancouver address label at the bot- tom of the card, and stickers in the middle. Some of them had bright drawings, thanks to my 14-year-old grandson.
Joanne and I donned our masks and headed to Limelight Floral De- sign in the morning of May 22; Kyla
Jean Lawrence (left) and fellow Communications Team Sub-Committee member, Joanne Wallis.
Andrew Makodi, recreation director of Hollyburn House.

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