Page 9 - Gifts of Change 2023-2024
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Respond to Emergencies | PWEMRG01
With 103 million people forcibly displaced and 828 million without enough food to eat every day, PWS&D’s emergency response is more critical than ever. Help provide food, shelter and mental health support for people in crisis.
$50 provides mental health support to a person affected by trauma
$135 provides emergency food
to a family for
one month
$350 provides a family with emergency shelter after a disaster
 Adapting to the Climate Emergency | PWCLIM01
Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and is felt most deeply by those who have contributed least to the problem. PWS&D programs are helping communities adapt to and mitigate the effects of a rapidly changing climate.
$15 trains families to construct and use fuel-efficient stoves
$90 helps
plant fruit trees and reforest areas to build climate resilience
$120 establishes village committees to protect and conserve local environments | 9

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