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Train Christian Leaders in Malawi | IMMA09
Zomba Theological University and Theological Education by Extension are helping ministry students and lay leaders learn practical skills for ministry in The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Malawi—where there is a desperate shortage of trained church leaders. Your gifts help students pay basic school fees and access books and computers.
$100provides $200improves $750helps a future library resources classroom equipment minister with tuition
Hope for a New Life in Nepal | IMNE03
People with mental health issues in Nepal face unimaginable challenges and struggle to survive on their own. Staff at New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre support psychiatric patients at the United Mission Hospital in Nepal as they heal in spirit and body, until they are ready to live independently in their communities. Your gifts give them hope for a new life!
 $50buys plows, spades, sickles and other tools for farming
$100provides rice, dal and grains for a month
$250provides a personal support worker for residents
 Plant an Olive Tree in Palestine | IMME02
Olive trees are ancient symbols of peace and a basic source of livelihood and nutrition across the Mediterranean Basin. Palestinian farmers have seen their trees—some thousands of years old—uprooted from their own land, burned and destroyed, depriving them of their income and traditional way of life. Help the East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine replenish the orchards of affected farmers.
$30plants one olive tree sapling
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