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GCCRC is seeking a full-time Managing Director. The Managing Director is responsible for providing 24 hour onsite coverage from May to August in cooperation with other senior staff, and must live at the Camp in provided accommodation during that period. In addition, the Managing Director is required to attend meetings, promote the Camp, and supervise the Camp in the summer and off-season.

The Managing Director is responsible for the planning and execution of all activities related to GCCRC, and reports to the GCCRC Board of Directors through the Board Chair. The Managing Director oversees both the operations of the Camp, including administration, maintenance, building projects, food delivery, and marketing, and the programs of the Camp such as children’s’ summer camps, worship services, and retreats. The Managing Director cultivates an extensive network of relationships with Camp users, donors, suppliers, area churches, the Presbytery of Ottawa, employees, volunteers, and others. It is the Board’s intention to hire an ‘Operations Manager’ for the summer months of 2020 so that the Managing Director can focus on the program delivery aspect of the Camp. All of these functions are guided by the Camp’s mission and seek to make full use of its beautiful 220 acre property while also ensuring the safety of everyone at Camp.

Ideally, a new Managing Director will start on March 1, 2020, but no later than May 1, 2020.

See full job description.

Apply via email to info [at] gracefieldcamp [dot] ca