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Mission: Deep with God, Wide with the World

Primary Focus

  • Establish and develop programs for ministry to children and youth (birth to grade 12) and their families at Richmond Presbyterian Church (RPC)
  • Maximize participation of children and youth in RPC’s worship and community life
  • Recruit, motivate and equip a leadership team


The position of Director of Children and Youth Ministries arises out of a conviction within the leadership and congregation of RPC that ministry to and with our children, of all ages, and their families, is a core element of what it means to be a faithful church community. Scripture commands us to teach our children in the right way so that when they grow up, they will not stray from it. The Apostle Paul tells parents to bring up their children in the instruction of the Lord. And of course, Jesus loved children, he cherished them, he protected them, he encouraged them. We need to follow the way of Jesus when it comes to the care and provision for our children.

The Director position is a staff position that will report to the Lead Minister on a day to day basis and will also be under the care of the Educational Ministries Team of the Session (The leadership group of the congregation). Richmond Presbyterian Church (RPC) is a vibrant congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. In 2018 the average attendance on Sundays was 150 people, including children. We are blessed to have a sizable number of children and their families who call RPC home. RPC is becoming increasingly diverse in the makeup of the congregation, reflecting broader demographic changes in the city of Richmond and Metro Vancouver. We see this as an opportunity for the church to engage with people from all backgrounds and traditions, helping to set an example of how to engage with and celebrate the diversity of God’s rich creation.

Over the past few years, the position of Director of Children and Youth Ministries was filled by students from the Vancouver School of Theology (VST). They worked roughly 10 hours a week in their position, mostly on Sundays and on one other day a week. This has proved to be inadequate. We realize that more intentional time is needed in ministry with our children and their families and the position of Director of Children and Youth Ministries will need to be at least half-time, possibly full-time. Our vision of what children’s ministry at RPC can look like is predicated on the belief that we need to connect with children early and often, especially in a culture where in the absence of intentional Christian values and practices, other claims and priorities can quickly take up most of the time children and their families have. RPC imagines ministry opportunities with our children, of all ages, in ways and in a context that enables regular, meaningful and committed interactions, not only on Sundays, but especially at those times when regular availability and participation from children, families and volunteers is at its highest.

The position of Director of Children and Youth Ministries requires someone who loves God and loves the people of God, especially children. The Director will be someone who is imaginative, patient, can plan ahead and is able to create and maintain a strong rapport with children, as well as their parents. While formal training in ministry with children would be an asset, opportunities to learn and grow in this area will be provided and support will be offered to the right candidate to pursue formal education and training in this area of ministry. The position requires a police records check and will be compliant with our national church’s Leading with Care policy.

Position Details/Responsibilities

  • All programs will focus on Christian Education and personal development for all participants, within a Presbyterian/Reformed theology environment.
  • Develop and implement a core weekly gathering program that includes a time of Christian education for children, a shared time of fellowship with families and a time of concluding worship.
  • Provide consistent and engaging programs and activities for the children and families of RPC as well as acting as a form of outreach and invitation to the children and families living in the community.
  • Develop possible partnership opportunities with other organizations, such as Christian schools, in the city.
  • Coordinate, plan and implement regularly scheduled activities for children and teen groups. Provide leadership to group leaders and volunteers.
  • All off-site activities may require approval from the Educational Ministries and/or Session.
  • Recruit, train and supervise summer students hired through the Canada Summer Jobs Program (CSJP). Coordinate and plan opportunities for rich educational and developmental growth for the summer students to ensure all duties outlined in the CSJP are Provide leadership to summer students to assist them in coordinating and implementing a Vacation Bible School or similar program, as well as outreach activities for participants, throughout the summer months.
  • The position may also be involved in a new mid-week worship service on Wednesday evenings that would serve as a way to refuel our bodies, minds and spirits during the week.
  • The incumbent will, in partnership with the minister, prepare and present a children’s story during the Time with Young Christians portion of the worship service.
  • In consultation with the minister, the incumbent will prepare, organize and assist in the presentation of Children’s Christmas and Easter services.
  • Organize, plan and facilitate a weekend church family In consultation with and under the general supervision of the Minister. Provide a central theme, plan and direct the activities throughout the retreat. Provide direction and act as a resource to volunteers.
  • In collaboration with the Sunday School Coordinator and the Nursery Coordinator provide leadership in evaluating, training and supporting Sunday School leaders and Sunday School greeters and nursery volunteers in their ministry to children on their faith-based journies.
  • The incumbent will participate in weekly staff meetings as required.



Proficiency in the English language is essential. A second language is desirable, though not essential.


  • Staff Meetings
  • Sunday worship and call RPC your home church
  • Friday night kids club
  • Wednesday night service
  • Committee Meetings- Educational Ministries Team


Approximately 25-30 hours per week, with the opportunity to grow to full time.


This position will report directly to the Minister of RPC on a day to day basis and through the Educational Ministries Team to the Session.


The Educational Ministries Team and the Lead Minister will conduct six-month reviews for the first year and annually thereafter.

Admin Assistance

Limited administrative assistance will be available.


$35,000 – $40,000 per year, including benefits.


2 weeks of annual leave.

Police Records Check

In accordance with The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s “Leading with Care” policy, a Criminal Records Check will be required, as will attendance at a “Broken Boundaries” course.

Must be a Canadian resident or permanent resident and legally entitled to work in Canada.

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