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Children and Worship is a unique and innovative way to worship with children. This approach involves children in a multi-sensory way so they can experience the Bible stories and experience the wonder and mystery of God.

Saturday, September 7 and Saturday, October 26
10 am to 4:30pm

Coffee and Resource table will be available at 9:30 am

Registration Cost: $135 per person
This fee is for 12 hours, 2 days of training.
Registration Deadline is Sept. 3, 2019

We will gather each Saturday at 9:30 am for coffee and a chance to look at the resource table. Our worshipful work will begin at 10 am.

Please bring a bag lunch.

Please Bring:
The book “Young Children and Worship”
which is available through
Faith Alive Resources 1-800-333-8300 or
online at http://www.faithaliveresources.org

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