Donald Trump and Other Madness Evangelicals Fall For

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While I love the passion and biblical focus that some Evangelicals place on moral and spiritual purity in the Christian life I can’t help but be discontent after 10+ years of Evangelical metamorphosis with basing my existence as a Christian on simplistic and rigid markers of spiritual growth.

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PSALT: ‘Concerned with the Vast Shift’

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A group named PSALT—short for Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth—has sent letters to all sessions and presbyteries within the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and has bought advertisements in the Presbyterian Record for the past few months, to encourage a "more biblically faithful expression of Christian discipleship and witness." [...]

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‘We Need to Stay Awake’

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La Loche, Saskatchewan is located about 600 km northwest of Saskatoon where I have lived for the last 12 years. Before the tragic shooting that took place in the town of about 3,000 people on January 22, I knew very little about La Loche. I knew it was “up north” [...]

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Joyful and Heartbreaking

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This was the third time in four days that Canadian troops had gathered to say goodbye to friends in arms. This piece of tarmac in Kandahar is holy ground, as chaplains from Canada and allied countries have said many prayers, and comforted many more soldiers.

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The Power to Move the Soul

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When the federal election campaign started, months ago, I posted a photo on Facebook of Justin Trudeau in a scrum after an event at the University of Toronto. I helped organize the event, and I’m standing just behind him, with a slightly quizzical, slightly proud look. I liked the guy. But I was still sizing him up. As were Canadians.

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