Status — a poem regarding ‘Indian Status’ on Anthazia.com

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Status Tax free tobacco at band store. But this is not the incense of our ancestors wafting peaceful prayers & contemplations of Creator. No.

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Cutting into the old girl Takes time. Weathered stones Facing west await the saw. Block upon block arising Calcium spur removed Tap and smooth the joint Build my church with mortar, grace And a minor sixth. Until my feet Reach. And the swaying stops. Stand in the gap. Brace one [...]

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Looking Glass

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I glory not in cloud-skimming skyscrapers, nor in glass glare of a rising sun. I glory not in concrete and steel, nor in parks manicured with magnificence. I glory not in cathedrals of stone and wood, with stained windows and smooth pews. I glory in the perfect Parable-Maker, Who loves [...]

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